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Funeral Reception

Funeral Reception

The below menus are all subject to change.
We welcome the opportunity to custom design any menu as you like.
Room will be set and ready at your estimated pre-determined arrival time.

Reception Menu #1


Garden Vegetable Tray
Carved Fresh Fruit Bowl
Antipasto Supreme
Italian Cold Cut Tray
Deli Meats and Cheeses Set on Tray
Kaiser Rolls and Condiments
Italian Meatballs and Sausage
w/Tomatoes, Peppers and Onions
Party Pastry Tray
Coffee/Tea/Punch/Iced Tea
Per Person Price 15.87

Reception Menu #3


Caesar Salad
Tortellini Salad
Assorted Meat and Cheese Platter
Stuffed Shells
Teriyaki Chicken
Beef Tips with Mushroom Sauce
Bread and Rolls
Assorted Dessert Tray
Coffee/Tea/Punch/Iced Tea
Per Person Price $17.67

Reception Menu #5


Tossed Salad
Pasta Salad
Finger Sandwiches
Italian Meatballs
Teriyaki Chicken
Cookies and Brownies
Coffee/Tea/Iced Tea
Per Person Price $14.95

Platter Prices for Funerals

(Each Platter for 35-50 People)
Antipasto Platter with Assorted Meats, Cheeses, Sausages, Olives and Marinated Vegetables
Italian Meatballs simmered in a Marinara Sauce with Fresh Basil, Garlic and Olive Oil
Italian Sausage, with Peppers and Onions in a Rich Tomato Sauce with Fresh Herbs
Fresh Vegetable Crudite with Assorted Dips
Sliced Fresh Fruit Display
Deli Meats with Lettuce, Tomato, Assorted Cheeses, Condiments, Rolls, Potato Chips
Cheese Tortellini Salad with Tomatoes, Olives, Peppers, Sweet Red Onion and Artichokes tossed with Basil Pesto
Mixed Green Salad with Assorted Fresh Vegetables and Choice of Dressing
Assorted Fresh Fruit, Imported and Domestic Cheeses and Assorted Crackers
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Lasagna layered with Meat Sauce, Ricotta and Mozzarella Cheese
Caesar Salad with a Blend of Asiago and Parmesan Cheese, tossed with Garlic and Herb Croutons
Ricotta stuffed Shells in a Tomato and Basil Sauce, topped with Provolone and Mozzarella Cheese

Chicken Marsala with Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Herbs in a rich Marsala Wine Sauce

Braised Beef Tips in a Red Wine Sauce with Mushrooms, Leeks and Herbs

Seafood Newburg with Scallops, Lobster and Shrimp in a rich Sherry Cream served with Puff Pastry
Fresh Baked Cookies and Brownies
Assorted Petite Fours, Mini Tarts, Cookies and Brownies

Reception Menu #2


Domestic and Imported Cheese and Crackers With Fresh Fruit
Pasta Salad with Shrimp
Mixed Green Salad
Assorted Finger Sandwiches
Slow Roasted Baked Beans
Five Cheese Lasagna
Italian Meatballs
Dessert Bars
Coffee/Tea/Punch/ Iced Tea
Per Person Price $16.93

Reception Menu #4


Fruit and Cheeses with Crackers
Mixed Garden Greens with Dried Cranberries, Walnuts, Feta and Raspberry Vinaigrette
Seafood Newburg
Sliced Roast Beef
Sliced Turkey
Baked Rigatoni
Italian Meatballs and Sausage with Peppers, Onions and Mushrooms
Rolls and Butter
Assorted Cheese Cakes
Dessert Bars
Coffee/Tea/Punch/Iced Tea
Per Person Price $21.87

Reception Menu #6


Pasta Salad
Potato Salad
Finger Sandwiches
Baked Penne Pasta
Cookies & Brownies
Coffee/Tea/Ice Tea
Per Person Price $12.95

We also have a large selection of other types of menus and menu items to choose from.
If you wish to make changes, please ask your sales representative about some of these other items.
We welcome custom design and theme menus.